Sunday, August 23, 2009

Giving Away Darwyn Cooke's The Hunter Part Deux

In our last episode, our hero, announced he was giving away two copies of Darwyn Cooke's adaptation of The Hunter. As part of the contest, he asked would-be entrants to answer a trivia question. Upon reflection, the question may have been too difficult (or blog readers too lazy), because exactly no one sent in an entry. I've done giveaways before, and always had entrants. So, lesson learned, we're going to try this again. I still have two copies of this graphic novel to give away, and I'm still going to ask a trivia question, but I'm going to make it much, much easier.

To enter for a chance to win The Hunter, send an email to IndieCrime-at-gmail-dotcom with Contest in the subject line. Include your address and the answer to this question:

Who is the man Parker comes to New York to kill in The Hunter?

Can I make it any easier than that? Yeah, probably, but I'm not going to. Next Sunday, I'm either announcing the winners or I'm just going to give the goddamn things to homeless people.


Unknown said...

The question was just a wee bit difficult. The Handle has been in print for well over 15 years

Nathan Cain said...

Yes. You're correct. That is where I made my mistake.

JZID said...

Now I'm kicking myself.... I had dug out my copy of the Handle and was skimming through it to answer the question and I was just too lazy! I guess I would have won! Oops!

JZID said...

I don't have to kick myself anymore - I am one of the winners!