Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hard Case Crime News

Hard Case Crime will be holding a reading at 7 p.m Sunday April 22 at KGB in New York City. It will feature Charles Ardai, Max Philips, Jason Starr and Peter Pavia, who will all read from their new novels.
Next week will see the release of Robbie's Wife, the first Hard Case Original (as opposed to reprint) in quite a while. Hard Case's reprints have always been hit or miss, but the originals, with the exception of The Colorado Kid, ( which I hate with the fiery intensity of a million suns) have all been winners.
Hard Case is giving away 10 free copies of Robbie's Wife. To enter email with your name and mailing address by midnight Feb. 27 (Eastern time.) The catch is they are asking everyone who wins to write an online review somewhere. That's not much to ask. I would enter, but I've already got a copy of Robbie's Wife, and I intend to review it next week.

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