Thursday, November 29, 2007

Amphetamine Logic-The Movie Update

As you may well remember, I optioned my Spinetingler Award nominated short story Amphetamine Logic to an independent film producer back in August. Well, Mitchell Cohen, the guy making the movie, just got his first short fim, Peter's Price, picked up for worldwide distribution. The article happens to mention that Mr. Cohen is currently in preproduction for the movie version of my 'acclaimed' story, so I take it the project is still on track. Just one more reason to vote for my story in the Spinetingler Awards, really. Who among my competition can say they sold the movie rights to their story?


Chris said...

Hey! I could TOTALLY say that! I mean, I'd be lying, but I could say it.

Lyman Feero said...

Nope, I'd be lying too, but I am a credited director and screenwriter. Oh and I've been on set for the filming of two Stephen King movies. That has to count for something? Right? No? I tried.

AL is a very visual story. I can see why it was optioned and why it was shortlisted in our category. Best of Luck!