Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Latest Hard Case Crime Newsletter...

is full of interesting news. The latest title is Gun Work by David Schow, the guy who wrote the screenplay for The Crow, a movie that didn't suck. It's scheduled for a November publication.

There's even more interesting news, though, including this intriguing tidbit:

"Looking ahead to 2009, we'll be kicking off the year with a new discovery of a truly obscure long-lost title by the great Lawrence Block -- and though we're not announcing just what it is yet, let me just say that a recent headline story in the newspapers gave us a bit of a start. Let the guessing begin!
" - So, does anyone have any guesses?

Then there's this:

What's cooking for later in '09? We've got another Westlake, a real powerhouse novel appearing for the first time under the title the author originally intended ("THE CUTIE"); we've got the late Roger Zelazny's never-before-published international thriller THE DEAD MAN'S BROTHER; and we've got a terrific hard-boiled detective novel called HOUSE DICK about skullduggery in a Washington D.C. hotel, written by none other than...E. Howard Hunt. Yes, *that* E. Howard Hunt. (If you're too young to remember him, look him up online. Just know that though he achieved notoriety for other activities, he was also one of the most prolific and consistently engaging crime writers of the paperback era.)

I had no idea Hunt had authored a novel about a hotel detective. Now that is funny.

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