Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bleak House Message Board

Good news. There's finally a place for the many, many women who want Anthony Neil Smith to leave his wife and run away with them to gather on the Internet. It's Bleak House's new message board (Evan Kilgore and Reed Farrell Coleman cyber-stalkers are also welcome). It's a one stop shop for discussing Bleak House's ridiculously strong front list for this year, as well as inappropriate marriage proposals, and why you can't interest an agent in that 800 page historical science fiction mystery romance you wrote last time you forgot to refill your lithium prescription.


Benjamin LeRoy said...

Aw hell, we're always in the mood for a good 800 page historical science fiction mystery romance. That whole Martians vs. Cortez/Cleopatra storyline really has legs.

Nathan Cain said...

I think that's the plot of the new Indiana Jones film.