Friday, February 6, 2009

Joe Gores Profiled

Joe Gores is profiled in the San Francisco Chronicle on the occasion of the publication of Spade and Archer, his prequel (God how I loathe that word) to The Maltese Falcon. It's impossible to overstate what a horrible idea a book using Hammett's iconic character is. The only reason I'm willing to entertain the idea of reading the book is because Gores wrote it. If anyone could pull it off it would be Gores. He's the grand old man of West Coast detective fiction, and if anyone can pull it off he can, and the initial reactions seem to be good. Still, even if Spade and Archer turns out to be a great read, let's leave the past in the past. Don't make me mention Poodle Springs.


Unknown said...

I thought it was a horrible idea, too, and I resisted the whole thing. But then I read the book and found myself having a fine time against my will. I enjoyed it.

Peter Rozovsky said...

No need to use words one does not like. I've ordered Joe Gores' new book. I hear Spade and Archer are in it.