Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hard Case Crime Updates

When I first saw it, I was pretty sure Johnny Porkpie had to be a pseudonym, and I guess it is, in a way, but he is, I am told, The Burlesque Mayor of New York City, and the author of Hard Case's December offering, The Corpse Wore Pasties.

Now, if a murdered stripper sounds familiar, it should, since Charles Ardai's
Little Girl Lost was about the exact same thing. Porkpie, who also appears to be the main character of his novel, will have a ways to go to match Ardai's story.

And Leonard Cassuto's
review of Fifty-to-One has been posted on the Barnes & Noble Web site. I would like to take issue with the fact the B & N are tardy getting their reviews up. Cassuto obviously wrote it when it was current, referencing fifty titles, but now Hard Case is up to fifty-three. So, B&N editors, here's a tip: It's the Internet. There's no competition for column inches, and thus no real reason to sit on material for this long.

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Jacob Weaver said...

Hopefully Mr. Porkpie's story lives up to it's title.

There is supposedly going to be a 2nd December release that Charles has been keeping on the QT. He has said that it's a classic and will be instantly recognized.