Monday, April 27, 2009

Blogging the Black Lizard Anthology of Crime Fiction #3: Swamp Search

Before Harry Whittington, the lawyer who Dick Cheney first shot in the face, and later threatened to waterboard unless he apologized for getting shot in the face, there was Harry Whittington the prolific paperback author, about whom I probably could have found some relevant biographical information had not the other Mr. Whittington managed to get himself shot in the face by Dr. Evil (Here's a tip: If you can't dodge birdshot, don't go "hunting" with high functioning alcoholics).

Whittingtion is the author of "Swamp Search," the third entry in
The Black Lizard Anthology of Crime Fiction. The story is about a young vet and farmer who owns a helicopter he uses to rescue his cows from the Everglades (Here's another tip: Don't try to raise cows in a swamp). Anyway, one day, a beautiful woman shows up and wants to hire the young farmer to search for her defense contractor husband who, in the face of an impending congressional investigation into his war profiteering, decides to go on a hunting trip to the Everglades. Conveniently, his plane crashes, and he is believed dead. His wife, however, refuses to believe he's dead, and our young country squire chivalrously decides to help her search for her husband. He also, not so chivalrously, starts sleeping with her. What follows is a sordid tale of betrayal and greed. The takeaway from this story is that there will always be war profiteers, killers and degenerates, so let's hope they all decide to take hunting trips to Florida.

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