Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday Paperback Cover

Violent men, cheap women and murder in a jungle of evil. Who can resist?


Christopher Grant said...

What I want to know is what the hell's going on with the people in the background?

The woman is just standing there, watching the scene and, apparently, by the angle of her hand, smoking a cigarette. And the man way off in the back looks like he's been hit by a stray bullet and is on his way to the ground.

Of course, nothing says cheap like stockings with lines up the back. Oh, yeah, and the gun in her hand.

The gun almost begs the question whether it really is a woman in that skirt. Could it be one of those aforementioned "violent men" in drag?

Perhaps she bought slugs that couldn't pierce tissue paper, thus making her one of the cheap women and hence the reason the gun is resting at her side.

Geez, I feel like Freud here, diagnosing this cover.

P.M. said...

Great cover. Some of my other favorites have this dame in the front, action in the background set-up.