Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hard Case and Soho Crime updates

The other day, I went surfing for information on Shepherd Rifkin the author of The Murderer Vine, which Hard Case will be publishing next year. I didn't find much. Little did I know that all I would have to do is wait. Here's the scoop from Hard Case's latest newsletter:

We've put our next new title up on our Web site: THE MURDERER VINE by Shepard Rifkin. It's a powerful book that fictionalizes the same historical events that inspired the movie "Mississippi Burning," with the addition of a really stunning crime fiction twist. The author has an interesting history himself: now 89, Rifkin served on the S. S. Ben Hecht in 1947 and was imprisoned by the British in Acre Prison (a fortress on the northern coast of what is now Israel) after a failed attempt to run the British blockade of Palestine while transporting hundreds of refugees from the Holocaust. Rifkin and his crewmates were released -- but not before smuggling a camera into the prison, enabling what has been called "one of the most spectacular prison breaks in history." None of which has anything to do with THE MURDERER VINE -- but what a great story!

Hard Case is also going to be reprinting Steve Fisher's No House Limit, another book there seems to be little info about on the 'Net.

In other news, The latest Soho Crime newsletter in now online, Read it here.

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