Monday, March 10, 2008

At Central Booking

I've finally taken some time to poke around Sandra Ruttan's new site, At Central Booking, and there's some good stuff there. I particularly like the Lie Detector, which I think is a novel concept. There's also an audio story by Allan Guthrie, who will presumably not be the only author reading there for long. You ought to be able to find something to interest you there.

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Sandra Ruttan said...

We're actually in the midst of a domain hosting transition. As a result, my website may be down for a few days this week.

What's happening is we're moving to Mystery Bookspot ( - page is under construction). Spinetingler is moving there too. The old urls will still work, once the transition is done.

As soon as the domain transfer is complete, I'll be adding more audio and new updates for the site features. We'll have an audio short by Damien Seaman by the end of the month/beginning of April, and I'm hoping to have something by Stephen Blackmoore up next month as well.

Thanks for taking the time to check it out. Once the move is complete there will be regular updates and features, and MBS will be hosting a mystery book tournament as well (parent site Fantasy Bookspot is presently running its fantasy book tournament).

Should be a lot of fun, and best news of all for writers - pay for stories in Spinetingler is going up to $25 per story as of our fall issue, thanks to MBS.