Saturday, February 28, 2009

Victor Gischler is Taking over Hollywood

So, is it three screenplays Victor Gischler has optioned recently? Seriously, I've lost count. First, he announced that Go-Go Girls of The Apocalypse had been optioned. Then he announced that Pulp Boy, which he has co-written with Anthony Neil Smith had been optioned. And now I see that the adaptation of Gun Monkeys is set to be directed by up and coming Japanese director Ryuhei Kitamura. Someone's having a pretty good month. Will he move to Hollywood? Become notorious after he's a passenger in a car driven through a mall food court by a visibly intoxicated Lindsey Lohan? Will he replace Quentin Tarantio as Hollywood's writer of choice for over-the-top action films? Let's hope so. Gischer's stories tend to have a plot, which is more than you can say for Kill Bill.


R/T said...
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R/T said...

What I had meant to say but had to delete because of poor keyboarding skills was simply this: Victor continues to impress people (including his former colleagues at U. of West Florida -- that would include me). One should have a film crew on hand when Victor hits Hollywood. It should be an occasion that is film-worthy. And if he does ride with Lindsey Lohan, that would definitely be film-worthy -- and make sure the sound equipment is working because no one will want to miss out on the comments.