Monday, February 2, 2009

The Violent World of Parker Redesign

The only site on the Web dedicated to Donald Westlake's alter ego's greatest creation has relaunched with a much improved design. (You can see the old design here.) Be sure to catch the tribute page, which has a good collection of links to Westlake obit pieces. The page also has great collections of covers for each novel, including the Grofield novels. It's a good way to kill an hour or so.

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JZID said...

This is one of the greatest website resources of all things Parker out there- I found it as an invaluable resource as I worked my way through all the Parker novels and Grofield novels in order - and even read the spin-off's while I was at it: for instance the Dortmunder novel that revolves around the plot of a non-existent Parker book and the Joe Gores novel that shares a chapter with a Parker book.