Monday, May 3, 2010

Gutter Books

The publishers of Out of the Gutter have gone into the paperback publishing business. Initial offerings include one from John D. MacDonald as well as a collection of the best of the first three issues of Out of The Gutter, which is taking submissions for Issue 7, the US. vs. UK issue.


Frank Loose said...

They are publishing a JDM book and calling it ON THE MAKE. From the story synopses, it is clear that the book is the 1955 Gold Medal A BULLET FOR CINDERELLA. I wonder why the name change? It is about time that someone cracked the JDM egg and re-released some of his early pre-Travis McGee books. Still can't help wondering why the name change for the book.

Steve Scott said...

ON THE MAKE was JDM's original title, changed by Dell for publication. When Dell published a second edition they agreed to restore the original title, and there are old copies of ON THE MAKE floating around in used book stores. When Fawcett acquired the JDM catalog in the early sixties they restored the original title.

Dell made it clear on the cover of ON THE MAKE that it was A BULLET FOR CINDERELLA under a different title. Gutter does not (at least on the cover), which is curious since A BULLET FOR CINDERELLA is currently in print as an eBook from Wonder Audiobooks.