Friday, March 2, 2007

Calling all Canadians

I know I've got some Canadian regulars out there, and I'm asking for some input. None of the publishers I've linked on this blog are Canadian. I can't think of any Canadian crime writers off the top of my head, either. I'm sure Canada must have publishers and crime writers, so I blame myself for this lack of knowledge.
What I want from you is to know who are some good Canadian crime authors and what are some good crime publishers based in the Great White North? Leave a comment or email me. (Note: You don't have to be Canadian to participate.)


Sandra Ruttan said...

who publishes Maureen Jennings. not sure if they publish much or anything in the way of crime fiction, though. Rendezvous, who publish a lot of quirky amateur sleuth offerings. I am a fan of the Polly Deacon series by H. Mel Malton, but I don't read much amateur sleuth stuff personally. ECW, who publishes Canadian crime fiction author John McFetridge, and Mike Harrison, and John's debut Dirty Sweet was one of my favourite reads from 2006. He has a way of making the seedy side of Toronto incredibly appealing.

Other Canadian authors: Louise Penny, Alex Brett, Jon Evans (Dark Places), Giles Blunt, Rick Mofina...

Sandra Ruttan said...

Okay, a whole bunch of my links didn't work.

Dundurn publishes Maureen Jennings.

Insomniac, not sure if they publish much in the way of crime fiction, though - the link above on that text works.

NeWest Press


John McFetridge said...

You could also check out the Crime Writers of Canada, they have a lot of author bios:

And thanks, Sandra.

Iden Pierce Ford said...

Correction for you, Maureen Jennings is published by Mcclelland and Stewart for her Detective Murdoch Series, Dundurn Press is her publisher for the Christine Morris (forensic profiler) series. The publishers are different for each series, as this is the way it shaked out. Both series are under option for television by Shaftesbury Films in Toronto. The Murdoch series has just gone back into production for a 13 episode tv series, the Christine Morris series was just acquired and is now in development for a feature series based on the character.