Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Internet can be an exhausting place for introverts

First, I started a blog. Then, I started fooling around on Myspace. Now, after a week or so of reading about it, I finally went and checked out Crimespace. It seems like a neat idea, but it's crashed Firefox repeatedly on two different computers, so I don't know how often I'm going to bust out IE or Opera and visit.
As a raging introvert, I find it easy to be overwhelmed by the multitude of opportunities for social interaction that the Internet now offers. I thought computers were supposed to isolate us from each other dammit! Wasn't that how this was supposed to work? I think I'm just going to turn the computer off for a while.


Daniel Hatadi said...

Hey there, Nathan. This is your friendly neighbourhood Crimespace Creator.

In a couple of days, Ning will be updating the software that Crimespace runs on. You should find that the Firefox issues will be fixed.

Don't give up on us yet! :)

Sandra Ruttan said...

I predict Nathan will be the life of the party by the end of the month. I mean, look at the progress he's made already! ;)

Anonymous said...

I hear you!!! I'm an introvert, and I'm a very private person. I don't care to tell the whole world all about me! haha I have a myspace, but have less than 40 friends (I don't accept people I don't know!), have very little filled out about myself, and I don't use it to communicate with my friends - my close friends and I call or get together in person! haha Most of my close friends don't have myspace accounts anyway. I thoroughly enjoy solitude and my alone time, which is why I'm really considering cancelling my myspace! I think myspace is more for extroverts anyway.