Friday, April 6, 2007

Ficcion del Crimen en Espanol

Looking at my blog stats today, I discovered Sweet Home Alameda (or, as babelfish translates it, Sweet Home Tree-Lined Avenue), which covers English language crime and pulp fiction in Spanish. What little Spanish I learned has not been used in so long that I turned to a translation service to double check what I was reading (some of it said what I thought, some not so much), The blog's author, Gonzalo Baeza, has lots of links to English language independent publishers and crime fiction sites. So, if you happen to be bilingual check it out.

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Gonzalo B said...

Gracias. Thanks for the plug. Technically, the blog is about whatever I fancy (movies, mixed martial arts, book reviews that I write for a Chilean newspaper, etc) but since over the last few years I've been reading more and more crime fiction, it's been progressively changing into a "blog de crimen." One of the big reasons why I am reading more noir is precisely because of the recent flood of new titles from independent publishers such as Hard Case, Stark House, Ugly Town, Crippen & Landru, etc. so naturally, your blog is a must read for me. Keep up the good work and ¡buena suerte!