Monday, April 16, 2007

Links to Stuff you've probably already seen, but which bear mentioning here anyway

Sarah Weinman already linked to this article from the Library Journal, so everybody and their brother has already read it. If you haven't you should, provided you can get to the Web site. I could earlier, but I can't now so there's no link for the time being. It's got a lot of good stuff about independent crime fiction presses, and what they're out to accomplish.
Anthony Neil Smith has pointed out that Fuck Noir, now retitled to make it more marketable, will be released in November. I've been wondering when that was coming out. Can't wait to read it.
Bleak House's front list also has a new novel from Tony Spinosa, entitled Gun Bunnies. This makes me wonder, could Gun Bunnies take Gun Monkeys in a fight? Monkeys do have opposable thumbs, which would make it easier for them to pull the trigger.

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