Thursday, January 31, 2008

Spinetingler Awards

Sandra Ruttan has announced the winners of the Spinetingler Awards at her new Web site At Central Booking. Alas, my story did not win, which is a little disappointing, but then most things in life are. Congratulations to everyone who won, especially Chris F. Holm, whose story Seven Days of Rain won in the Best Fiction on the Web category.


Sandra Ruttan said...

As I've said elsewhere and to others, it's great to make someone so happy, but then there's the reality that you made a number of other people unhappy.

Still, congratulations on the nomination, and all the success you're enjoying in your career.

Impressive showing in the publisher category with independents.

Chris said...

Thanks, Nathan! I gotta tell you, I enjoyed the hell out of Amphetamine Logic.