Monday, November 10, 2008

Amphetamine Logic at Crimewav

I know you've been dying to hear the sound of my voice. Well, your prayers have been answered. You can hear me reading my short story "Amphetamine Logic" at A big thanks to Seth Harwood, for 1) asking me to read it and 2) taking the time and effor to put it up. And no, that's not my pipe in the picture. Must be Seth's.


Seth Harwood said...

It's my pipe. So I'll smoke it.

Unknown said...

Just listened to the story on CrimeWav and I loved it! Your voice can be in my ear ANYTIME! You definitely need to do more stories in that format. Your delivery and timing was perfect, and of course the writing was great, too. You are definitely one of my favorite author/narrator. Singer/songwriter is what it would be in the music biz, I'm not sure how to put it in the new genre, but whatever you wanna call it, just keep doing it!

Nathan Cain said...

Wow thanks for the kind words.