Thursday, June 14, 2007

Get your fiction online

People aren't just writing about books online. They're putting books online. While David Wellington has made a name for himself posting his books online, he's not the only one doing it. Simon Spurrier's new novel Contract is also available online.
While I like the idea of putting novels online, the reality is that reading large chunks of text on a computer screen can be exhausting. If you'd rather listen to your fiction. Seth Harwood has put his novel Jack Wakes Up and its sequel This is Life, is being posted periodically.
Of course, you can always read short stories, which I think are ideally suited for the Internet, since they are, well, short. Thuglit and Hard Luck Stories are personal favorites, but they're hardly the only game in town. There's Demolition and Mouth Full of Bullets. Supposing you're really serious about finding some short stories, you could always cruise over to Crime Zine Report, where you will find a longer list of publications.

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