Friday, June 1, 2007

I got the T-Shirt in the mail today so it must be official

My story "Amphetamine Logic" will appear in the July issue of Thuglit. I'm pleased. I just started writing fiction again in the last few months. I was an English major back in the day, and I considered going the academic route, but I was put off by the idea of self-consciously trying to write "literature." Of course, if I had known about people like say, Victor Gischler or Anthony Neil Smith, who went that route and still turned into crime writers, I might have had a different point-of-view. I have tried a couple of novels over the years, but they've not worked out, largely because I was young and lacked the discipline necessary to get something that huge together. I would sit down and get frustrated that I couldn't knock off 5,000 words at a pop. Now I know that that's an unrealistic expectation unless you're some kind of machine, which I am not.